Lets do our bit for the NHS.
NHS PPE Campaign.

A volunteer led project from Loft 25 in partnership with
Green Lane Masjid & Community Centre

Because we want to say #thankyouNHS

Our front line staff are without adequate safety wear and taking on the risk of COVID-19 all by themselves. We’re asking the nation to join us in making protective equipment for our wonderful doctors and nurses in our NHS.

What are we looking to achieve?

Provide NHS frontline staff '000s of pieces of PPE

Doctors and nurses across the country are calling out for PPE. Until the shortage is over, our aim is to produce large quantities of PPE for NHS staff.

Mobilise volunteers across the Midlands & nationwide

Amazingly, over 900 sewing volunteers have come forward to support our campaign! If we can achieve that based out of Birmingham, we’re sure campaigns across the country can be just as successful too.

Manufacture over 1000 items on a daily basis

Our campaign began with a focus on coveralls but we’re now producing gowns and scrubs to cater for the demand from the NHS.

Inspire you to replicate our campaign

We know how easy it is to set up a campaign. We want to guide and train you to replicate our campaign as we have done with the Birmingham Community Healthcare Trust.

The founders of the NHS PPE Campaign are inspired by a verse in The Holy Quran which translates as:

“…whoever saves one life, it is as though they have saved the whole of humanity."

We believe that sentiment is shared across all communities. If we have the ability to protect even one life in the NHS, we should exert the effort to do it. Fortunately, we have the ability to help thousands in the NHS but we can’t do it alone. We want people from all communities to come together and join us in producing PPE for the NHS.

How can you help?

Our campaign is not for profit and is volunteer-led. We are proud to say that we have not had to ask for any donations to run our campaign because the support from volunteers has come flooding in. You can help us by volunteering to sew, drive, coordinate, QA, and market our campaign. Currently, we are only accepting applications for non-sewing positions. If you’re interested in joining our team please email us at: nhscampaign@loft25.co.uk

What we need

Admin Assistants
Quality Assurance Assistants
PA to the Lead Project Manager

Our campaign only exists to protect and serve NHS frontline staff.

If you work in the NHS and are authorised to order PPE, please complete this form and we’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Free PPE Order Form

About the campaign
Loft 25 & GLMCC

Loft25, a soft furnishings manufacturer, owned by Zhagum Arshad of Birmingham, has to date donated over 1000 PPE garments to the NHS, including various hospitals, hospices and GP practices.

The campaign began shortly after lockdown was announced and key workers were in critical need of PPE. Zhagum and his 16 years old daughter, Aafreen, set up a campaign to produce free PPE for the NHS. They began with the support of 300 sewing volunteers. As the volunteers increased, Zhagum reached out to Green lane Mosque and Community Centre for support.

Being a long-term admirer of GLMCC’s community work, having collaborated with GLMCC for a successful Winter Homeless Shelter by providing a place to sleep and hot meals for 3 months, Zhagum was confident GLMCC would be vital in supporting the campaign.

GLMCC helped by increasing the number of volunteers, providing a lead project manager, project coordinators, admin, QA checkers, and over 150 delivery drivers who had been volunteering for GLMCC’s emergency food delivery campaign. Loft25 and GLMCC have officialised their partnership by using the campaign title: “NHS PPE Campaign by Loft25 in partnership with GLMCC”

Zhagum alone purchased material with no monetary donations. The material gets cut in his factory by volunteer cutters. The material then gets put into batches, the coordinators send out batches to available volunteer seamstresses, using volunteer drivers. Once complete, the sewn garments come back to the factory for quality checks and sanitization. Whilst production happens, requests for PPE flow in, once internal checks are complete garments are delivered to the NHS frontline staff.

Zhagum underlines the primary focus of the campaign was to get production of free PPE off the ground as quickly as possible;

“We must utilise all our strengths collectively to support the NHS. The infrastructure of the campaign has been set up and free PPE is being distributed thanks to our selfless volunteers. We are looking to scale up our production, expand our product range, and help other organizations across the country to set up their own campaigns.”

Our Supporters

A huge thanks to all the partners and supporters who have helped make this campaign a huge success.